What to do…

10 05 2007

What to do… Pity the ladies in waiting…

So, I normally use Starbust as my emergency sugar should I run into a low. At 5g carbs each, they’re both modular and tasty. However, I also have a tendency to eat my entire stash in my purse(about 5 or 6) in one sitting if I’m bored, especially at work. I already keep peanuts or cashews at my desk as a healthy alternative. The question is: How do I pick something that I would be willing to eat in an emergency but not willing to eat the rest of the time? Clearly, the Starburst (and this has also occurred with Skittles and LifeSavers) are too tempting for me to eat. Are the glucose tabs undesirable as a snack? I may try that out. Any other suggestions?




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