Pump possibility

23 05 2007

I had a whirlwind of a day yesterday, so this may be a freakishly long post.

I had an appointment with a diabetes educator at my local hospital. I wanted to learn more about diet, exercise, and mostly: a pump! I’d been reading about them, but I wanted to see more in person and get more information.

I got to look at the MiniMed and try out both the MiniMed Quick-Serter and the Cleo 90 inserter for the Cozmo. I went home with a ton of pamphlets and a new desire to try out the pump. The pump was a bit large, but manageable; the tubing didn’t seem to be a huge problem; the needles seemed manageable (the ones I was looking at were 9mm, but I’d probably use a 6mm, so it’ll be even more manageable than the ones I saw); and I feel that it would really help get my A1C down.

Fast forward to dinner. It was a BBQ at GiR’s church. While in line, a lady asked if I would need a bun for my brat. I politely declined, saying that I was a diabetic. She’s like, “Really? I’m diabetic too.” My heart lept. Another diabetic! Woo!!!! I had never actually met another diabetic in my entire life, so this was fantastic. She tells me she’s on a pump and that we’ll have to talk later.

So, after dinner, we finally get a chance to talk, and she shows me her pump. She raves on and on about how great it is and really recommends that I get one. Seeing her made me feel really motivated to try out the pump. She even has 2 kids! She promised that next time I saw her she would bug me about whether or not I got a pump.

I spent most of the evening after that (and much of my work day today…) browsing for more information. Right now I’m having a hard time deciding between a MiniMed and a Cozmo. At times, the MiniMed seems so much better, but then other times the Cozmo seems so much better. I think I’ll have to make a list of what things are important to me and see how the 2 stack up. Of course, that could all be moot depending on what the insurance says.

The nice diabetes educator had given me her email address, so I emailed her today requesting to initiate the process of looking into getting me a pump. She said that she/pump rep would contact the insurance and see how much everything would cost. I did some rough calculations at home, and it doesn’t look too bad. Sure it’ll be more expensive, but it’ll keep me healthier. Also, if/when I decide to become pregnant, I really want to be on top of things, so I might as well get started now.

I never thought I’d be so excited about a pump, but I know it’ll be better for me. Now, just to pick out which one to get. =D




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16 07 2007
Bernard Farrell


It’s not the same as in person, but you might look at http://TuDiabetes.com. This is a social networking site for folks with diabetes. You might even find someone who’s in St. Louis.

So far I’ve been using it about 4 weeks and the information and support there is excellent. Though the e-mails (updates, comments, friend requests) during the day are noisy so I’ve turned them off.

16 07 2007

I just signed up for TuDiabetes today. I haven’t done much with it yet, but it looks like it’s a great resource. And definitely a good way to fritter away a few hours at work. =)

8 05 2008

Note: I manually copy/pasted these comments from my old blog, which is why the avatar pictures are a little messed up. Apologies.

10 05 2008
Deborah Spencer

I was involved at Washington Univ. when I got my pump and minimed was in the area. lol that was back in 1988. i’ve been gone from the area for a very long time. I feel you are in one of the best places in the country for diabetes education and care.

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