Where do my test strips go?

29 06 2007

I have read many other diabetic bloggers tell their tales about how the find test strips in the oddest places: on their significant other, in their computer keyboard, in their car/bathroom/purse, in shoes, outside, even in a sandbox. Maybe it’s just me, but I do not understand how they get there. I didn’t think I was a clean-freak or anything like that, but I do not find my test strips laying around the house. To demonstrate, I will now present

The Journey of a Test Strip

Step 1: Test strips are located in the official test strip tube.

Step 2: I put the test strip into the meter to test my blood sugar.

Step 3: I put the test strip into a little pouch in the meter case. This used to be just a pocket, but I added some sticky-backed velcro so it would close.

Step 4: When that pouch gets full, I empty it into a biohazard container.

See people?!?!? It’s not that hard! Clean up after yourself! I have never ever found a test strip randomly laying around my house. Yeesh.




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3 07 2007

You are more fastidious than I, and I applaud you! I’m testing several times a day, and often on the run, so the test strips don’t make it into the biohazard but instead are tucked loosely into the meter case. Once I unzip the meter case to test again, sometimes the strips slip out and end up lodged in … well, all those spots you linked to. 🙂

Bravo to you for keeping your strips reigned in! I will do my best to keep the diabetes breadcrumb trail to a minimum.

24 07 2007
AmyT of www.diabetesmine.com

I agree… do you have three kids and a cat? Do you clean up after all them, too? Sorry, but I’m doin’ my best over here… 🙂

24 07 2007

Ummm… No kids and the only pets are guinea pigs… So maybe I really am a clean freak…

8 05 2008

Note: I manually copy/pasted these comments from my old blog, which is why the avatar pictures are a little messed up. Apologies.

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