11 07 2007

I’ve only had Lucy (my pump) for a week or so, but I’m already attached to it. I can’t imagine going back. Not having to stab myself 4+ times a day. Easier to take correction boluses. Less roller coaster.

However, there are also times that I silently (or not so silently) freak out about being attached to something for the rest of my life. Even something as simple as changing or showering is an ordeal. I have to figure out where to put Lucy while I’m in various states of undress. I can’t relax for a second.

Clothes are a major problem. Next to none of my pants have pockets. That means Lucy has to be clipped on somehow. I’m skinny and I like to wear form-fitting clothes. That means my Lucy has to be visible. There is literally no place on my body where I can tuck Lucy so that no one can see. I’ve been able to hide my diabetes before, but I can’t anymore.

Even though there are still problems I have to work through, I’m not going back. Lucy and I are attached.




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