Meet Lucy, the wonder pancreas

12 07 2007

Me: Hey guys, want to see my pancreas?
Friend: You know, that’s not something you hear every day…

Lucy 1

Above: Awkward angle MySpace photo =P

Below: Noting the size compared to my hand. Also check out my slick pearl medical bracelet from Fiddledee IDs

Lucy 3

Lucy in action! I just bought a brand new case, found at a cell phone accessory kiosk at the mall. Tight fight, very comfortable clip, screen protection, not to mention fairly stylish.

Lucy 4

Splish, splash, she was taking a bath… I have 2 of these suction cup soap holders in the shower so I don’t have to disconnect if I don’t want to. Yay for being waterproof!

Lucy 5

So, that’s Lucy, my new pancreas. She’s quite the charmer. =)




4 responses

16 07 2007
Bernard Farrell


What made you decide on a Deltec? My Minimed is due for replacement soon and one on my list to try is the Deltec. I hear it’s a little bulky but VERY configurable. I’d love to know more.

16 07 2007

What really sold me on the Cozmo was the Cleo infusion sets. They seem soooo much simpler to use than the Minimed QuickSerters. The Cozmo is a tad thick, but like you said, it’s very easy to set up. I had it up and running in maybe 10 minutes, and I hardly had to use the manual. It’s really easy to use and there are a ton of settings to tweak.

16 07 2007
Bernard Farrell

Thanks Amalas

Wow, just knowing there’s a 31-inch set might be enough to swing the Cozmo for me. Although I think the Cleo also works on Animas pumps. I’m waiting to try out one of those. Thanks for the e-mail.

I’ve added your blog to the Diabetes Search Engine list of sites. Let me know if you want to remove it. You can find it at:

I’m trying to make a search engine that returns information that’s targeted at diabetes. I’m being selfish here because it makes it easy for me to find diabetes stuff.

16 07 2007

I was also surprised at the various lengths of tubing available. And yes, I believe the Cleo works on the Animas as well. Any pump that has a standard Luer lock can use the Cleo sets. And thanks for adding me to the Diabetes Search Engine. I didn’t even know about that!

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