Lucy 2.0

17 07 2007

Messed-up Lucy

I’m sure you are all in shock after seeing that basal amount. Believe me, I was too. It had jumped from 300 to 600 over the course of an hour. Physically impossible. My blood sugar seemed to be fine and I couldn’t find anything in the history that was messed up. I called Smiths Medical and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong either. They suggested I wait until the next day to see if it would reset itself. Well, it didn’t. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the 7000+ unit basal that Lucy claimed I was getting. >< After my second call to Smiths Medical, they said they would send me a new pump. Phew.

Once Lucy 2.0 was in flight to my house, I realized what the problem was. And I felt stupid.

I seriously disliked the cases that came with the Cozmo, so I went out to look for something that would work. I eventually found a cell phone case that I absolutely loved. It had a magnetic closure.

Yes, I was indeed that stupid. I somehow managed to glance over page 5 in the manual that says not to use a case with a magnetic closure. I switched back to the original case and the funky basal rates went away. *sigh*

However, the redeeming part of this story is that Lucy 2.0 (hereafter simply referred to as Lucy) has arrived and is chilling out in her now unmagnetic case.

Now unmagnetic case

I was able to simply cut out the magnets and add some Velcro. I used E-6000, so hopefully the Velcro will last a long time.




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20 07 2007

I tried a magnetic case with my Cozmo too for the same reason, and I got sirening alarm. They replaced my pump, then it happened with the next one too, and we found the problem.

15 10 2008
15 10 2008

Sorry my html didn’t work out– the link to the photos of my pump cases is here:

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