New toys

17 07 2007

Along with Lucy 2.0, I also got a couple new toys in the mail. First off was some Groovy Patches. They aren’t 100% as secure as I’d like them to be, but it definitely brightens up my day when I see it.

Green Groovy Patch

I also got a new pouch to carry all my diabetes supplies. Aiming for grace tipped me off on le sport sac, and I immediately fell in love. The 3-zipper cosmetic pouch was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, most of the prints have pink, which is not my favorite color, but I was able to find a nice black-and-white pattern.

le sport sac outside

It’s a little tight with everything in it, but at least I have 1 pouch that has everything I need. The big pocket has my Humalog vial (complete with cozy), syringe (just in case), extra tubing, an extra infusion set, IV Prep wipes, an extra battery, and a small bottle of Purell. The middle pocket has my tester, “shooter”, bottle of test strips, a kleenex for wiping blood, a small square-ish pill container for used test strips, and 1 extra lancet (I mean seriously, who changes those every time?). The small outer pocket holds some Starburst for lows.

le sport sac inside

I’m pretty sure I’ve thought of everything, although I’m thinking of adding a little business card-type thing with my name and emergency information on it.

I don’t know about you, but I just love new diabetes-related toys. Finding just the right accessory can make living with this stupid disease a little more bearable.




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