On hypos and legs

18 07 2007

I was watching Pontiac Moon with my husband (hereafter referred to as GiR) last night, and Lucy beeped to tell me to test my blood sugar since it was 2 hours after dinner. 53. What?!?! I had absolutely no symptoms, which is very rare for me. I usually feel shaky and weird and I can tell when I’m low, but not this time. I decide to take the Flash’s word for it, and eat a couple Mamba. 15 minutes later: 59. Still no symptoms. I kick it up and grab a couple more Mamba and a fruit bar. 15 minutes after that: 90. All good now. I guess I’m just a little nervous because it’s my first unrecognized hypo in a looong time, and the first while on the pump. Do pump users get more frequent unrecognized hypos than MDI users? I hope not because that would be scary. Hopefully this was just a one-time thing.

I also had a bad experience with a massive charley horse during the night. I woke up screaming in pain around 2:30 am. >< My calf muscles were writhing and knotting up and I couldn’t get it to stop. GiR got me a glass of water, which usually helps a lot. I decided to test my blood sugar while I was at it (74) and had another fruit bar. My leg managed to quiet itself down and I went back to sleep. I stretched it a little this morning, and it should be fine. GiR is worried about my legs though. I occasionally have mild restless leg syndrome, which is usually fixed with some jumping jacks. However, after the charley horse (which is also an occasional occurrence), GiR thinks there’s something wrong. I’ve been trying to get more potassium by adding bananas to my diet, which only seems to work sometimes. I know diabetics can have problems with their feet, but what about legs? Are RLS and charley horses more common among diabetics? Any tips for preventing them?




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