Missing out

20 07 2007

In my dx story, I noted that I was diagnosed at 18. I didn’t know it at the time, but that meant I missed out on some cool stuff. Including Clara Barton Camp or Camp Joslin. A whole camp for kids with diabetes! 18 was apparently too old. =( I didn’t even find out that those existed at all until recently. Why didn’t anyone tell me about that?

I also have not yet seen a real endocrinologist. I didn’t know those existed until recently either. When I was diagnosed, I was simply cared for by my PCP. When I got married and moved to my new place, I found a PCP that specializes in diabetes (Type 2 mostly, I found out later). Never was an endo mentioned to me. I have since remedied those ignorant ways and I have my first endo appointment on Monday. I hope that I will get a lot better care than with the general Type 2 PCP.

What other things do you wish people told you about when you were first dx’ed?




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20 07 2007

I, too, was diagnosed at age 18 (just about 4 weeks after my 18th b’day, to be precise). I managed to get to camp, though, as a staff member, starting after my sophomore year at Providence College.

I hope that your new endo works out well!

I wish I’d known other people with diabetes when I was first diagnosed. It was about 2 years before I met any other T1’s my age.

20 07 2007

I waited 8 years to find out that I wasn’t an insulin resistant Type 2. My doctor refused to give me insulin because she said it would only make me fat, and the only way I could keep out of the mid-200s all day was to eat virtually no carb at all for many years.

Finally another doctor put me on insulin, we discovered I’m not insulin resistant at all, and now I can eat what seems like a lot of carbs to me, though it is still less than I see a lot of people eating.

The experience of living very low carb has been very helpful to me in making insulin work, because I have memorized the carb count of everything on earth by now and htat makes it a lot easier to match carbs. But it’s nice to have it optional.

I wish I had known that genetic (MODY) insulin sensitive diabetes does NOT require that you have a parent who was diagnosed, but that information only came out about 2 years ago!

7 10 2014
insulin resistant

insulin resistant

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