Take THAT, diabetes!

23 07 2007

I had my first endo appointment today. The wait was waaaay too long, which I should have anticipated. The lady at the front desk asked if I had my meter with me (which of course I did). I handed it over to her, and she plugged it into her computer and started downloading stuff! Without asking me! I felt like my meter was being raped or something. Dude, that’s personal information in there.

The endo herself was okay. At first she talked to me like I didn’t know what diabetes was and how it worked. And she said I tested too much! What!?!?! She told me before each meal and at bedtime and “if I had time” to do it after meals. Ugh. I am a firm believer that more information is better. She didn’t really know how to find stuff on my pump and how to interpret some of the data I had printed out in advance. I was hoping for some advice on how to tweak my basal rates and carb ratios, but didn’t get any. I think I’ll stick to figuring it out myself, with the help of Pumping Insulin

But, the best part of the visit was when I got my A1c results back. 6.4, baby! That’s nearly a whole point lower than my last one, which was 7.2. And this A1c only has a few weeks of being on the pump, so I’m sure it will be even lower next time. Woo! I am sooo pleased with this. =D




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23 07 2007
Minnesota Nice

Wow, “testing too much” sounds more than a little weird to me. I wonder where this lady is coming from.

24 07 2007

I’m often told I’m testing too much. My doc & nurse have a go at me regularly, and every script I get for strips is written for 3 – 4 tests a day, until I call them and change it. ARGH!

Knowledge is power. Without lots of testing, how on earth can we expect to do the job of a pancreas?

29 07 2007

Testing too much??!!! My endo asked me to add in between test and even suggested a CGMS so he could get even more data!!!

1 08 2009

Congratulations on your A1c, I hope your control continues to be outstanding!

12 12 2010
Shantel Eppler

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