Diet soda linked to diabetes?

24 07 2007

I just read this article about a study that links diet soft drinks to diabetes and cardiac risk. They say “…people who consumed more than one soft drink of any kind a day were 44 percent more likely to develop metabolic syndrome than those who didn’t drink a soda a day.” It didn’t matter whether it was regular or diet. However, one thing to note is this: “‘But we cannot infer causality,’ Vasan said, meaning there is no proof that soda itself is the villain. ‘We have an association. Maybe it is a causal one or maybe it is a marker of something else.‘” Correlation does NOT equal causation. More studies are definitely needed, but if they decide that diet soda is bad for diabetics, then what am I left with? Water? Ugh.

Relatedly, I do call it soda. Guess where I’m from.




4 responses

24 07 2007

Thank you, so many of these stupid studies suggest something which is in reality, just an association, not a cause. Ironically, the press no longer even scrutinizes these studies, they just take the press releases at face value. Luckily, bloggers are calling attention to these issues!

24 07 2007

I just clicked on that map – aside from “soda” or “pop,” I’m wondering what the “other” category would include. 🙂

24 07 2007

I think some people call it “soda pop”. And maybe plain old “soft drink”.

29 07 2007

I don’t know what I would do in a world without soda. I can’t even drink water unless it is flavoured and carbonated.

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