My hips don’t lie

24 07 2007

It was site-change time last night, and I found the last feasible spot on my belly. Insert. No real problem. But then it started hurting. =( It didn’t go away, so I make the executive decision to pull it. Sure enough, a medium-ish dot of blood surfaced. I had hit some sort of artery or vein or whatever. Good thing I pulled it.

However, that left me with no real space left on my belly. I’m pretty small, so there’s not much real estate there. I checked for what other places I could use, and one of them said hips. Brilliant! Being a young female, I have plenty of squishable hip space. =D I was super nervous though because I’ve never used my hip for any injection of any sort. But, to my surprise, the hip was even easier than my belly!

The only downside is that it was a minor pain to sleep on that side, but I hardly noticed. Also, there isn’t really that much space on my hips. I might be able to get 2 sites out of each hip before I have to try something else.

I’m nervous about trying my thighs because while I do have semi-large thighs, they seem pretty muscular. 1) I wouldn’t want to hit muscle and 2) my pants tend to be tight in the thighs (since they’re kinda big), and I wouldn’t want the site to rub. Oh well. That’s a problem for another day.




2 responses

27 07 2007

I have heard of some people who like to do the sites in the breasts. (girls usually, but I imagine there are pleanty of men with big enough breasts to do this too)
While it may be worth a try, I am not sure how comfy that would be, and seeing as they sometimes itch at cerian times of the month, or get tender, I might steer clear.
Thighs can absorb insulin too quickly if you are active, with large thigh muscles. Id try to find fatty parts. Outside of the arm, lace it throug the shirt, and wear on pants. Back of the arm is a good spot too, you just might have to have someone else insert for you.
Good luck. I hope you find some fat, if not, I have some recipes to recommend. LOL

29 07 2007

Unfortunately, my A-cups are not really fatty enough to use for infusion sites. I may try the back of my arms, but like you said, I’d need help. And probably longer tubing (I only have 31″ lengths right now). And thanks for the tip about the thighs. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use them.

I’ve got plenty of recipes for cheesecake, so no worries there… =D

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