Lucy’s first vacation

26 07 2007

Tomorrow I head off to Ohio for a family reunion on my husband’s mother’s side. This will be the first vacation or real travel of any sort with Lucy. I have no idea what to do. We’ll be gone for 4 days, so there will need to be a site change in there somewhere. And I didn’t quite time my reservoir change correctly, so I’ll have to do that while I’m there as well. I also do not have a Frio pack or anything like that (I remembered about those like, yesterday. Too late). I have no clue what to pack or anything. Here’s what I can think of:

  • nearly-empty vial of Humalog
  • additional, full vial of Humalog
  • Lantus vial and Humalog pens for backup
  • syringes and pen needles for aforementioned backup
  • 2 extra batteries
  • 3 infusion sites
  • 2 sets of tubing
  • tons of test strips
  • IV Prep wipes
  • plenty of Starburst for lows

I don’t have a spare meter (I’ve been meaning to get one), but I will of course bring the one I do have. I’m also not sure what I should about the insulin. I know it needs to be refrigerated, but I hate being a pain when I’m visiting people and saying “hey, can I store this in the fridge?” I don’t want other people touching my stuff or doing stuff to it. I also don’t want to impose. I don’t want someone to have to shove stuff out of the way so I can fit my giant bag of supplies in the fridge. I should have just bought a Frio bag, but I was too late. Any suggestions? Also, did I forget anything? Gah, I’m so nervous.




One response

26 07 2007

I would just invest in some of those teeny ice packs for the car ride, in a small lunch tote, and put them in a 1 quart ziplock in the butter dish of someone’s fridge when you arrive. That’s what I usually do at my in-laws. No one seems to mind – I don’t even ask usually, it’s no biggie.

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