Testing… 1, 2… testing

1 08 2007

I have been unhappy with my blood sugar recently, so I decided to look through Pumping Insulin again to see what I could learn. I read that your insulin/carb ratio should only differ by 2-3 points throughout the day. For example, a breakfast ratio of 1:10, and a lunch/dinner ratio of 1:12. Well, my ratios are currently as follows:

  • breakfast: 1:5
  • lunch: 1:9
  • dinner: 1:12

Um, yeah… That’s quite a big difference. So, I figure it’s time to redo some basal tests. Overnight one goes smoothly.

  • 10:30: 87
  • 2:30: 86
  • 6:30: 124

I decide to up my basal slightly starting at 2:30, to lower that before-breakfast number a bit. A quick unofficial re-test this morning confirmed that my change was good. (124 at 2:30 and 132 at 6:30) Not too bad. Then I moved on to my morning basal rate.

  • 6:30: 132
  • 8:00: 138
  • 10:00: 121
  • 11:30: 75

What?!?! Since I had such a high breakfast insulin/carb ratio, I was assuming that I was accidentally taking my basal as a bolus (too high carb ratio, too low basal). So, I expected to run high throughout the morning. Instead, I dropped. I’ve tweaked the basal slightly lower starting at 7:30, in hopes of keeping me from crashing before lunch.

However, that doesn’t explain what’s up with my breakfast insulin/carb ratio. I do eat pretty much an all-carb breakfast (waffle, or cereal and milk), but I’ve recently added some protein/fat (bacon, sausage, cheesestick). Do I need to try an extended bolus or something? I mean, I could just use the ratio because if it works, it works. It does kind of frighten me though…

Tomorrow will be afternoon basal test and then dinner basal test on Friday. I really want to get all this straightened out.




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