Straightening out

14 08 2007

Well, I’ve finally finished all my basal tests. I think I’ve got all my basal rates straightened out. My overnight one is not as perfect as I would like. It seems my choices are to drop 25 points or rise 25 points. Sometimes I wish I had an Animas that has .025 increments instead of .05. Oh well, I’ll deal.

I’ve also tweaked my insulin/carb ratios a bit, so they do not freak me out like they used to.

  • Breakfast: 1:8
  • Lunch: 1:11
  • Dinner: 1:11

I think my correction factor needs to be updated too, but I’m trying to do this bit-by-bit. Basals first, then insulin/carb ratios, then correction factor. Of course, even if I think things are straightened out, life will always throw you a curve ball (thank you, period, for messing up my blood sugar today). Ugh.

Anyway, GiR and I are going to a BBQ tonight, which should be a fun SWAG bolus experience. Wish me luck!




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