Sushi questions

27 08 2007

Tonight I will be going out to dinner with GiR and 3 of his friends for some birthday celebrations. The restaurant chosen is a Japanese place that mostly serves sushi. I have eaten sushi before, but it was a loooong time ago (early on in diabetes diagnosis). Now that I have Lucy, I should be able to handle this, but I don’t know how.

How am I supposed to estimate carbs? I checked Calorie King, so I have a general idea (around 7g per thingy). But, I have no idea how much or what I’ll end up eating. Do I guess the amount of carbs I’ll eat (say, 50), and dial in an extended bolus for that amount? I’m tempted to just skip the whole sushi stuff and just get a salad or something, but I don’t want my fear of how to bolus to get in the way of eating unusual foods.

Any great tips for bolusing for sushi?




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27 08 2007

Check out our guide for dosing sushi at
I always have a difficult time with it, so bolus more than usual… that rice is tricky! If you can, stick with sashimi or any rice free options. I assure you there is more than 7g of carbs per piece! Good luck!

27 08 2007

Unfortunately, I was away from my computer and didn’t get to read that guide before dinner. I ended up getting a mostly-meat dish and only a couple pieces of sushi, so I felt pretty confident in my bolusing. So far, one hour after I’m at 139, so not too shabby. Thanks for the great info, though. I’ll definitely tuck that away for future reference.

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