Hate and rage

30 08 2007

I have been extremely frustrated with my blood sugar lately. Since Monday, my blood sugar has been a lot higher than usual. I changed my insulin/carb ratios to 1:7 at breakfast and 1:10 for the rest of the day, but it hasn’t really improved anything. Today, I’m trying out a new basal profile, with everything increased by 0.05 to see if that helps. I can easily switch over to my normal profile if things go south, but that doesn’t seem to be the case yet. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be any different at all. It’s so depressing to pump more and more insulin into my system, just to have no effect.

Aiming for grace’s post about “what’s in a number” completely syncs with my perspective. You see the number and then instantly feel bad or good about yourself. Sometimes you just have to take your feelings out of the equation and just act on the number. It’s okay if things aren’t going so well; that just means some more tweaking. Hopefully I won’t let this rough spot spoil my trip this weekend. Cross your fingers!




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