I was so close

10 09 2007

After my last frustrating post of high numbers that wouldn’t come down, I greatly increased my basal rates. For awhile it didn’t seem to be working, but then over the weekend, things were great. I was between 90 and 150 (with only a couple exercise-induced lows) and I thought things were going to be peachy keen. I was just about to blog about how I had figured it out and I was even going to use the “good times” category.

But then I tested my after-lunch blood sugar.

267! What!?!?! I hadn’t seen a number like that since last week. *sigh* I was so close. I don’t even know what I did to get a number like that. All the food I ate was prepackaged, so I knew exactly the amount of carbs in it. I had less trouble with food all weekend, when I was SWAGing at nearly every meal. I don’t understand.

In any case, that number is on its way down (thanks to a minor rage bolus…) so hopefully this will be just a small fluke.




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