I’m a helper!

11 09 2007

So, I was baking some cookies or some such a couple weeks ago. I should have been wearing an apron, but I was lazy. After all was said and done, I took a look a Lucy and just had to laugh.

Lucy’s a helper

Luckily, everything was able to wash off. =)




2 responses

11 09 2007

Hi There!

I came across your blog on the DiabetesDaily feed. I am a recently diagnosed Type 1, and am evaluating insulin pumps. I notice that you have a Deltec Cozmo. I’m leaning towards the Cozmo too. Are there any negatives/annoyances that you have with this pump?


11 09 2007

From what I know, it’s a little bulkier/thicker than the Minimed. That’s about it. I have very, very few complaints about it. It was so easy to set up and it’s really easy to use. I also love the Cleo infusion sets. Good luck deciding on a pump and welcome to Diabetes Land! =)

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