Insurance hell

18 09 2007

Part 1

I had to refill my reservoir today. Nothing too out of the ordinary. However, in doing so, I realized that I was at the end of my vial. Time for a refill. Okay, no problems so far. I call the pharmacy and they run it through while I was on the phone (thank you pharmacy guy!). Declined. What?!?!?! Turns out I’ve hit the maximum amount of refills at a pharmacy and I have to switch to the mail order plan. Ugh. I hate the mail order plan. It takes nearly 2 weeks to get the meds from when I order it and I rarely notice soon enough. For example, I notice that I need to refill my Humalog today. I have 100 or so units left in the pump (plus a hidden 10 units of basal). That’s only enough for about 3 days. 3 days < 2 weeks. Not fast enough. I called the insurance company to see if I can get a vial anyway in the meantime, and they said no and that I’d have to pay full price. No thanks. They do tell me, though, that I can get an expedited shipping and it could be here as late as Friday. It’s cutting it close, but I’ll take it. That’s assuming my endo can approve the 90-day prescription today. I will definitely be calling back later to make sure it went okay. However, there is a slightly good side to this. I do still have my Humalog pens from before I got Lucy. They should still be good, so I can do all my bolusing with the pens and just use Lucy for basal. That should stretch my supply enough that I can make it until Friday. It will be kind of weird going back to the pens for a couple days. Updates later.

Part 2

It’s getting close to the time that I have the option to change insurance plans with my employer. Previously, we had 2 different providers and one of them had 2 options, resulting in 3 different options for insurance plans. This year, though, there is only 1 provider: the one I already have. Part of me is glad that I don’t have to deal with all the research and calculations, but I just wish there were options. I wish I knew what I could do to get the best deal. I know there are HSA and FSA accounts, but I don’t know if they would help me at all.

One thing that sucks is that because GiR is on my health insurance too, it doubles the deductible. However, GiR does not have any medical expenses at all. He had one thing this year that was relatively cheap, and that’s it. It’s up to me to cover the $2200 deductible. That’s a lot of money to pay straight up at the beginning of the year. However, due to the massive amounts of prescriptions I need, that gets cleared up pretty quickly. I guess I’m just sick of having this stupid disease that requires me to spend over $5000 a year just to keep me alive. GiR, my friend MB, and others who don’t have a chronic illness can get away with a hundred dollars a year at most. Why is it so frakking expensive? Of course, given the choice of dying of starvation and paying that much money, I would much rather live…




2 responses

18 09 2007

I agree, the mail order prescriptions can be a pain. And even though I save a little bit of money using the mail order, I’ve quit as of last month. I’m just not organized enough these days to cope with it.
Good luck!

18 09 2007

Ask your doctor for samples 😉 My doctor always has a nice supply of Novolog.

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