I love Lucy

21 09 2007

Well, since I was able to get some more Humalog, I’ve stopped using the pens. I only used the pens for 3 meals (I cheated and used Lucy for breakfast yesterday) and I was just reminded of how much Lucy has changed my life.

I kept forgetting to test 2 hours after a meal, because normally Lucy reminds me to do that. I would have no clue how much insulin I had on board, so correction boluses were either random or just omitted. Since I could only bolus in whole units, my meal boluses were almost always too much or too little, resulting in massive swinging of blood sugars. I haven’t bounced around from 260 to 60 to 160 in a long time.

Regarding my post title: I’ve been saving that pun for a loooong time, and now seemed to be appropriate. =) As a side note, my Lucy is NOT named after the I Love Lucy show. It’s just a pretty name, that’s all.




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