21 09 2007

So, I checked up online last night how my Humalog was coming along. I was hoping to see that it was shipped, meaning it would be at my house today. However, it still said “processing”. Ugh. I call up the nice people and they said that there was a problem with the prescription and they had to fax the doctor, asking for more info. As a result, it was not going to be shipped out this week, and would be shipped on Monday at the earliest (arriving at my house on Tuesday). Well, THAT ISN’T SOON ENOUGH. I thanked the nice lady, hung up, and had myself a good cry. Luckily, GiR and I have plenty of money in reserve so we were able to go to the pharmacy and buy a vial out of pocket to the tune of $99. ><

Why is it so frustrating to get meds? Especially life-saving meds? I mean, we were lucky that we could pay for it out of pocket, but what about those who can’t?

I decided to go ahead and put the “good times” category on this post because, really, I’m just happy I got my meds and I don’t have to stress about it anymore.




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