Couple quick notes

22 09 2007

It’s been nearly 3 months with Lucy, so I figured it was about time that I teach GiR the basics about her. Ya know, just in case something weird were to happen and he has to bolus or do a temp rate or anything like that. I showed him the home screens last night and this morning I had him give me my breakfast bolus. I wanted to show how easy the Cozmo is to use, so I told him to just “figure it out.” He navigated to the menu and entered everything almost as quickly as I would do it. There is hope for him yet. 😉

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is if/how to incorporate Lucy into my Halloween costume. I’m going as Rogue from X-Men (with GiR going as Gambit). In theory, she would probably just be in her case (since it’s black), but maybe I could add an X-Men logo or something? I’m also thinking of making her own costume like little vampire fang stickers or something. =D Am I just crazy for thinking of dressing up Lucy for Halloween? Surely I’m not the only one…




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