PTSD can cause diabetes?

25 09 2007

Just saw this article from Consumerist that says* the man’s posttraumatic stress disorder caused his diabetes.  Can this happen?  I would think that a person would already be pre-diabetic and possibly the PTSD aggravated the condition.  Personally, I think his/his lawyer’s claims are bogus.  What do you think?

* Technically, Consumerist is merely relaying the information from another source.  I’m not trying to imply that Consumerist is saying these things directly.




2 responses

28 03 2008
War Veteran

First, What is your knowledge of what your talking about? Are you a professional in any of these areas? Are you A Combat Veteran? If you answered yes to ny of these you should already know the answers to your questions. If not then research more about Combat PTSD/PTSD and Diabetes you will find a slew of information about it. As to your commnet that the Lawyer and clients claims being bogus, I would say wait and see first.

28 03 2008

I am not a professional, nor have claimed to be. I am not a Combat Veteran either. However, I DO have Type 1 diabetes, so I’d like to think that I’m at least a little bit knowledgeable in that area. I agree with your comment, however, that we need to wait and see.

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