Humalog and endo fiasco

1 10 2007

About 10 days ago, I wrote about the frustration regarding getting my Humalog refilled.  That part of the story ended in a semi-happy result that I was able to buy a vial out-of-pocket.  However, the complete story did not end there.

In the days following purchasing that vial, I had nothing but trouble dealing with my mail-order pharmacy and my endo.  The mail-order pharmacy (I specify mail-order here because my brick-and-mortar pharmacy is fantastic) continued to call me saying there were problems with my order.  After spending billions of hours (so it seemed) on the phone with them, they kept asking me whether I needed vials or pens.  Well, I had been on pens in the past, and just recently switched to vials, so I understood the confusion.  However, by the third time I told them this information, I was getting frustrated.  It wasn’t until much later that I found out they were still waiting to hear from my endo.

What?!?!  I thought they faxed them long ago.  Turns out the directions weren’t specific enough, and so the endo had to send more details.  Somehow there was a disconnect between the mail-order pharmacy and my endo and nothing actually took place.  Meanwhile, I am starting to run low on my purchased vial of Humalog, so I got desperate.

I called my endo and told the nurse to shove it and cancel my Oct. appt.  I then called my regular doctor and talked to the Matt, the attendant.  He is soooo great.  He needs an award or something.  He was able to take down the instructions for what I needed, wrote down the number for the mail-order pharmacy, and told me he would call them right away.  Well, he did!  I got notice from both him and the mail-order pharmacy that the script went in with no problem.  So, what took my endo nearly 10 days to straighten out, took Matt a couple hours to straighten out.  I ❤ Matt.

I got the order in slightly too late on Thursday for it to be shipped out that day, so the mail-order pharmacy got an authorization to cover one more vial at my brick-and-mortar pharmacy if I needed it.  GiR convinced me to not pick it up, since I’m okay on Humalog for now, hoping that it would ship on Monday.  Well, it’s Monday and I got confirmation that it’ll be shipping today via express overnight, arriving tomorrow.   *phew*




One response

2 10 2007
Chrissie in Belgium

Found your blog on the D OC list, just took me awhile to go through the list…… Hej when you find an angel like Matt – don’t let him go.

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