Alzheimer’s could be related to diabetes

2 10 2007

GiR pointed me to this article, which claims that Alzheimer’s could be another type of diabetes.  They are calling it “Type 3.”  From the article:

In the brain, insulin and insulin receptors are vital to learning and memory. When insulin binds to a receptor at a synapse, it turns on a mechanism necessary for nerve cells to survive and memories to form. That Alzheimer’s disease may in part be caused by insulin resistance in the brain has scientists asking how that process gets initiated.

Of course, they also mention (way at the bottom) that Alzheimer’s would be more related to Type 2 diabetes, rather than Type 1:

“With proper research and development the drug arsenal for type 2 diabetes, in which individuals become insulin resistant, may be translated to Alzheimer’s treatment,” said Klein. “I think such drugs could supercede currently available Alzheimer’s drugs.”

I love hearing about this research; it’s baby steps closer to figuring this stuff out.




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