Pancreas in comics

2 10 2007

Somehow, I came across an couple of images of a comic book that mentioned pancreases (pancreai?). After some searching, it appears to be from Cable & Deadpool.

Apparently, Deadpool stole Agent X‘s pancreas. Why, I’m not exactly sure.

Deadpool 1

And here we can see that Agent X really wants his pancreas back.

Deadpool 2

I’m not sure what the rest of the story is, but it just seemed amusing to me that pancreas appeared in some comics.




4 responses

5 05 2008

Whoo deadpool! And why the hell not, the spleen has held the comic limelight for too long! pancreas fans unite! 😛

20 09 2008

You don’t know who deadpool is? He’s only the funniest merc with a mouth whose completely insanne while annoying the hell out of everyone around him as he makes refrences to the fact he’s in a comic book.

Google him. He’s gonna be in the movies soon but if you can learn about him before that.

Deadpool(to “Daredevil): See how you like it when I smack you with an interspatial distorter that will temporarily phase your brain into Dimension X!
Daredevil: This is an ipod with a piece of masking tape attached to it.
Deadpool: It is…Ah, but for a second there, you were really worried!
Daredevil: Idiot.

Bullseye: “Deadpool, Deadpool, Deadpool… How long has it been?”
Deadpool: “Issue sixteen, Greece… What’s up, Bullseye?”

5 02 2009

from the diabetic point of view, i can totally see where Agent X is coming from though…

29 08 2009

Deadpool stole the pancreas, why? because he’s Deadpool. And besides, it like he said… He already had the sword out.

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