Keeping secrets

12 10 2007

After reading various blog posts about people getting fired from their jobs because they have diabetes, I got to thinking about how I deal with telling people about my disease.

I’m an introvert in the first place, so I’m not likely to tell people much about myself anyway. As such, I don’t tell anyone that I have diabetes unless it comes up in conversation. Even if I am with coworkers for lunch or something, I simply test and bolus quietly under the table and no one’s the wiser. I had a baking class a few weeks ago that discussed different types of sugar (including Splenda, Equal, etc) and it just didn’t seem necessary to mention that I had diabetes. I mean, I said that I use Splenda a lot and that I like diet sodas, but I never felt the need to qualify that with “because I have diabetes.”

I think part of it is that I didn’t develop diabetes until I was 18. A lot of my character-building was established before I had diabetes, so now it’s like a little side note instead of the complete focus of my life.  In any case, it’s never been a problem, so I don’t feel I need to bring it up.  Diabetes does not affect my performance and I can do anything that normal people do.  So for now, it’s my little secret.




One response

14 10 2007
AmyT of

That’s an interesting take, Amalas. I got diagnosed with Type 1 at the ripe old age of 37, and it really changed my life. I feel like I’m far too seasoned for shame and secrets; I feel like the world ought to know about this thing that effects so many people!

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