Too much?!?!?!

12 10 2007

So, after the last test strip disaster, it was time to refill my test strips again.  I figured while the doctor was writing up a new prescription, I’d ask for more test strips.  I checked Lucy and she said that I was testing slightly more than 10 times a day (around 10.3).  10 times a day x 30 days was 300, or 3 boxes.  I figured I could ask for 11 times a day and get 4 boxes out of it.

Well, the pharmacy called the doctor then told me that the doctor wants to talk to me first.  Great…  After talking to my doctor directly, he insists that 11 times a day is waaay too often.  *sigh*  I knew this was coming.  I pleaded my case, citing 7 absolute minimum (before/after each meal, bedtime), plus 2 more for exercise, 1 for the middle of the night, and an extra per day for lows or snacks, or a bum strip or something like that.  He wouldn’t do it.

Apparently my insurance thinks that 7 is the MAXIMUM that anyone would ever test per day.  Are these people psycho?  Do they have any clue what it is like to have diabetes?  I like to have snacks between lunch and dinner because I don’t always know what time dinner will be.  There is no way that I could bolus without knowing what my blood sugar was.  I just don’t like not knowing.

My doctor tried to argue that some of those tests (exercise, snacks, etc) would coincide with, say, the after meal test, but that isn’t always the case.  And he said that some days I would end up testing less and save up a strip or two.  I know I can get away with only 3 boxes a month, but that cuts it pretty close and I was looking for some leeway.

He did end up writing me a script for 10 times a day.  So, even though it’s not 4 boxes, at least it lets the insurance company know that I’ve been testing more and more.  (It used to be 4/day, then 7, then 7-8 or more, and now it’s at 10).  Maybe someday the insurance company will get it through their thick skulls that these strips are necessary and we should get however many we need.


Okay, sorry.  Just had to laugh at that…




3 responses

12 10 2007
Bernard Farrell


Maybe you should put a survey up on TuDiabetes and see just how many strips on average anyone with Type 1 is using. Then give the survey results to your endo. It may open his (non-diabetes) eyes.

It’s unfortunate that people are never taught about: testing errors due to blood samples; need to retest because sometimes the results seem so wacky extra tests needed for when you exercise; extra tests needed for when you’re sick; tests before getting into a car to drive; etc., etc.

What kind of things are these folks smoking. Do they think we like to test and we ask for extra strips for the fun of it? It’s just amazing to me.

I think we might also want to re-educate the ADA who continue to tighten control guidelines without increasing the suggested number of daily tests needed to accomplish this level of control!

14 10 2007

Your doctor actually told you you test TOO much!? Wow.. Testing often is important to good control, what’s wrong with these people? Hopefully one day we all get unlimited strips 😛

14 10 2007

My endo thinks that my 8x per day is a little much. I’m not so gung-ho on testing because I don’t think that the tests are real accurate. I don’t do after meal tests most of the time.

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