NaNo round-up

30 11 2007

Well, I managed to post something every single day, with only a minor snag over Thanksgiving. I only had to resort to one meme and one guest post. Not too shabby.

However, in order to post every day here, I had to abandon my craft blog. I hope to get back in to that and post a bunch of the crafts that I’ve made for Christmas presents so far.

Also, due to NaBloPoMo and craziness at work (listening in on a conference call right now!), I had to pretty much abandon my NaNoWriMo novel I had planned. It was going to be a neat superhero type story starring GiR and some of our other friends. Sadly this is all I ended up with. Oh well, there’s always next year.


Carb game ANSWERS

29 11 2007

Well, I only got one reply, but I thought I’d post the carb game answers anyway, for everyone’s benefit.

Chicken – 0
Cheese stick – 1
Broccoli – 6
Milk – 11.4
Carrots – 12.3
Apple juice – 14
Premium vanilla ice cream – 16
Apple – 17.3
Fat-free no sugar added vanilla ice cream – 20
Dr. Pepper – 27
Big ‘n’ Tasty – 37
Barilla spaghetti – 38
Dreamfields spaghetti – 42
Medium fry – 46.9
Blueberry bagel – 69
Pop tarts – 74

There are a few things I’d like to point out.

  1. The Dr. Pepper amount was quoted for 1 cup.  That’s only 8 ounces.  A whole can (12 ounces) would be around 40 g carbs.  Just for a beverage. Yikes!
  2. The fat-free no sugar added ice cream has more carbs per serving than premium ice cream.  My thought?  Don’t bother; just get the real stuff.  Or, just get Low Carb Breyer’s.  It is the win.
  3. Dreamfields (which is supposedly lower impact carbs) has more total carbs than regular Barilla.  I have yet to figure out if the lower impact carbs are worth the price, so for now I say skip it.  Bernard says differently though.

Hate the diabetes, love the diabetic: A guest post by GiR

28 11 2007

I know the diabetes blogosphere likes calling us the ‘Type 3 diabetics’ – those who have loved ones with diabetes, making it a part of our everyday lives. When my lovely wife is having good blood sugar, my day is better – and when she’s not, my day usually isn’t that good either.

Last Sunday, Amalas (who was very stressed at the time) was telling me that I didn’t know what it was like to be diabetic – always watching blood sugar numbers, never knowing exactly what your blood sugar is going to be, never being in control of things as much as she would like. I told her that I do know – I live with her all the time. I’m always watching out for her, never knowing what her mood would be, and watching her have mediocre numbers even when I carefully counted out carbs and weighed her food.

When dealing with a stressed diabetic, hugs are not a cure…

Thank you, Abbott

27 11 2007

My meter‘s been acting a little funny lately. For over a week, it will occasionally not recognize that there’s blood on the strip. It’ll suck the blood up just fine, but nothing will happen. I’d have to throw the strip out and use a new one. Or two. Then yesterday I got a bunch of Err1 codes and an Err3 tossed in for fun. Getting sick of wasting test strips, I called Abbott up to see if they could help out.

After only a couple computer prompts, I spoke to a real live person who spoke English. His name was Arthur. He listened very patiently to my problems and asked me a few questions. We ran through a few different scenarios to rule out other possibilities (yes, it happens with multiple tubes of strips; yes, the code is correct; yes, I apply the blood correctly, etc) and finally deduced that it was most likely the meter. He said they would ship a new one out to me and it would get here in about 3 days. Talk about awesome!

I really do love it when companies get it right. Abbott seems to really care about its customers and they make sure that their meters are doing their job. Thanks, Abbott!

Carb game

26 11 2007

When I was in college, one of the jobs I had was as a Peer Health Educator. So, when I found out I had diabetes, I decided to give a presentation about it. One of the games I had was this carb game. I made flash cards with pictures of the food on the front and a description and serving size on the back. They had to line up the food in order of least carbs to most carbs, then I pulled out an answer sheet to see how well they did. I thought it was a great way to show the different amounts of carbs in various foods. I still have the game tucked away somewhere, but I thought it would be fun to do an online version. =)

Below are a various foods, listed with the serving amount I used for the calculation. First person to post the correct order from lowest to highest amount of carbs gets a virtual completely carb-free cookie! lol I will create a new post with the answers (along with the actual carb count) once someone wins. Good luck! (Note: all numbers are verified via CalorieKing, but no cheating, people =P)

apple apple, 1 cup chopped

Langer apple juice Langer 100% apple juice, 1 cup

Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper, 1 cup

milk 2% milk, 1 cup

string cheese string cheese (mozzarella and cheddar swirl), 1 stick

Barilla spaghetti Barilla spaghetti, 2 oz dry

Dreamfields spaghetti Dreamfields spaghetti, 2 oz dry

Blue Bunny premium vanilla Blue Bunny premium vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup

Blue Bunny fat free no sugar added vanilla ice cream Blue Bunny fat free no sugar added vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup

poptarts frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts, 2 pastries

Panera blueberry bagel Panera blueberry bagel, 1 bagel

broccoli broccoli, 1 cup chopped

carrots carrots, 1 cup chopped

Big n Tasty McDonald’s Big n Tasty (with mayo, no cheese), 1 sandwich

McDonald’s medium fry McDonald’s fries, medium

chicken breast chicken breast (meat only, roasted), 1 cup

Household names

25 11 2007

I love the OC.  You are like my extended group of friends.  I probably talk about you to GiR more than I talk about my in-person friends.  It’s getting to the point where you guys are household names.  For example:

We were snuggling in bed and my tubing got caught up in something.  Then GiR said, “This is probably why Kerri disconnects.”  I just had to laugh a little.   He knows exactly who Kerri is and he even know the right post to quote.

Other household names, aside from Kerri, include Bernard, Allison, and sometimes Amy and Wil.  I don’t even feel the need to preface their name with “this other diabetes blogger, so-and-so.”  To us, they are just more friends in our lives.


24 11 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days. GiR and I were spending a nice technology-free Thanksgiving in Arkansas. I got to visit with his family, eat lots of turkey, and play some fun games. All in all, a much needed break.

I went ahead and did a NaBloPoMo no-no and back-dated the posts I had prepared in advance. I was hoping to be able to hop onto a computer real quick and just hit “post” while on vacation, but it didn’t happen. However, I didn’t think you all would mind.

Also, I would like to give another serious thanks to Lucy. I was able to get through Thanksgiving without nary a high or low. Huzzah!