Who do you know?

1 11 2007

When I was in college, one of the jobs I had was as a Peer Health Educator.  Most of the stuff we did was about STDs and alcohol and such, but we also did presentations on nutrition, exercise, etc.  Then, after I got diabetes, I pushed for a diabetes-related presentation.  My theme was: Who do you know?

I’m pretty sure that every single person could name someone they know that has diabetes.  It’s always, “oh yeah, my grandma has diabetes” or “I think that girl in my English class has diabetes”, etc.  It’s everywhere.

Both my grandfathers had/have Type 2 (one has since passed due to a heart problem).  My mom knows a girl at the school where she volunteers who has Type 1 and just got a pump.  GiR’s uncle has developed Type 2 recently.  GiR’s aunt had gestational diabetes.

Now, this is a loaded question since this is a diabetes-related blog, but who do you know?




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1 11 2007

I have lost count.

1 11 2007

When I was diagnosed I kinda freaked partly because of who I knew with diabetes. My disabilities class had heard Beth Finke, diabetes since age 7, talk about being blind. My friend had been talking about his professor, the pirate Paul Sally, diabetic since 15 and called the pirate because of having had both legs amputated and because of wearing an eye patch (I assume the eye is also related to diabetes, but I don’t know). The third person I knew I knew with diabetes was a kid who’d been in my elementary school and I only knew about her because the teachers had some sort of training about that.
After I was diagnosed, I found out about other people in my life having diabetes.

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