Change your clocks, change your lancet

3 11 2007

Tonight’s the night to change all your clocks back one hour. But it’s also a very important day for diabetics: time to change your lancet. Yes, I know you’re supposed to change it every single time you test, but what a waste! However, holding on to those lancets too long can be a danger too. They run the risk of getting infected and they can draw too much blood unnecessarily. So, today, go through all your testing kits and change your lancet! Or, treat yourself to a thinner brand. I switched to the BD UltraFine 33 lancets not too long ago, which was a HUGE difference from the 25 gauge I had been using. Hey, I’ll do anything to reduce the amount of pain I have to go through every single day.




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3 11 2007

The clocks in the UK changed last weekend and I did indeed change my lancet. But in honour of the change in the US and in a fit of absolute madness, I’m going to change it again tonight! ;-p

5 11 2007
Bernard Farrell

I’m glad you found those lancets. I’ve been using them for years, and recommending them to everyone I meet who has diabetes. They make a HUGE difference.

I’m still changing lancets about once a month. I’m not sure I could wait a whole year!!

5 11 2007

Well, it’s actually twice a year, but of course that’s not often enough. 😉 I also change mine about once a month. I have found that the thinner gauge lancets require changing more frequently than larger gauge ones, but that’s not too surprising.

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