Ugh, ketones

4 11 2007

This weekend has been a complete bust. I should have known that by posting my ideal day, the subsequent days would thereby suck.

Problem 1: I baked delicious cookies that I had no idea how to bolus for. So I guessed.

Problem 2: Pizza.

Problem 3: As a result of Problem 1, ketones.

Problem 4: Buffet brunch.

Problem 5: Oh, did I mention the ketones?

So far, I’ve done a site change and drank some water. Unfortunately, I’m so full from brunch that it’s been hard to drink enough water. I just really want these stupid highs to come down. I’m sick of correcting. And I know GiR isn’t thrilled either because highs make me very irritable. Like, really really irritable.

This sucks.




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