Periods. More than punctuation.

5 11 2007

So, the highs have continued from yesterday. Nothing major, just hanging out around 180 pretty consistently, even with correction. I changed out my reservoir and even used a new vial of insulin, but no luck. The ketones finally went away sometime overnight, though, so that’s good. Then, this morning, it hit me as to what could possibly be going on.

My period.

Yup, it started today. However, this high blood sugar thing is fairly unusual for that time of the month for me. I have never had a problem with it before. I think that now that I have much better control (30 day average of around 132), the highs stick out like a sore thumb.

I’ve cranked up my basal rate to like 135%, so I’m hoping that I see some positive results in a few hours. Wish me luck!




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8 11 2007

That doesn’t make much sense to me that you would have ketones from food or period, I thought they always come from not enough insulin (not as in undercovering food, but not getting basal insulin) or sickness. Am I wrong? Maybe the period is enough stress on your body to act as sickness and give ketones. Mine raises my blood sugar sometimes but I don’t htink I’ve ever had ketones from it.

8 11 2007

From what I understand, you can get ketones any time your blood sugar is over 250 or if you are sick.

Joslin Diabetes Center
Abbott Diabetes Care

There were a lot of factors going on over the weekend, so it could have been anything. Also, I found out later that GiR was sort of feeling sick, so maybe I was also fending off an incoming illness?

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