Basal test, activate!

13 11 2007

I have been very sick of my blood sugar numbers lately, so I am buckling down and doing the basal tests that I so desperately need. Logicially, I started with my overnight. I started out at 163 or so, which was a tad high, but I figure either a) I would drop, in which case it would be fine or b) I would go up, in which case I could just stop the basal test and correct.

Well, it turned out to be option b. My 2:30 am test yielded a 191, so I stopped the test and corrected for the high. Clearly, my overnights are not high enough. I upped everything by .05 and corrected for the high. Then, when I woke up: 93! Now that’s a number I can live with. =)

I will do another overnight test tonight to make sure the new basal is good enough. I hope it works out because I’m sick of unstable numbers.




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