I am…

14 11 2007

I am…
a daughter
a wife
a friend

I am…
a knitter
a gamer
a baker

I am…

I am…
in control

I am…
a diabetic

As you probably already know, today is World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is a huge concern in the United States and all across the world. Today is the day to educate people on the different types, symptoms, complications, etc.

There is a fantastic video on TuDiabetes, chronicling the Word In Your Hand project. It is very moving.

Amy from DiabetesMine recently posted about how Richard Kahn from the ADA gave a (what seemed like) anti-diabetes technology speech. Needless to say, Amy and other diabetics are outraged. We love us our technology. I would encourage you and anyone you know with diabetes to take the following survey about diabetes technology.

Support Diabetes Technology

Finally, I would like to show off Diabetes365, which is a project in which diabetics take a photo every single day for a year, highlighting what it’s like to live with diabetes every single day. There is a great Flickr pool, so please take some time to browse through the photos.

Happy World Diabetes Day!




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