Maybe I’m just lucky

16 11 2007

I got a few negative comments about my pump post earlier this week.  Saying that it was dangerous to start without training, or that people can be super sensitive to insulin, or whatnot.

I’ve also read a lot of diagnosis stories where people have to go to the hospital and spend a week in ICU or whatever.  I have to say, that I had none of those things.  When we tested my blood sugar and it said “HI”, we didn’t rush to the hospital or anything.

I guess I’m just lucky when it comes to diabetes.  I’ve never had to be hospitalized, I’m not super sensitive to insulin,  etc.  I suppose I should just count my blessings.




One response

16 11 2007

I’m not sure if you received comments in addition to the 3 in the post, but believe me, those are negative comments towards you. What Tonya and I are saying is that the *company* thinks it’s dangerous and it is a liability issue, not that you are stupid and are going to hurt yourself. There’s just a certain protocol that companies feel they need to follow, regardless of whether or not the diabetic could figure it out themselves. I was trying to explain what I thought their perspective could be.

I also don’t think Scott’s comment was terribly negative. Some people are sensitive and need guidance and that’s why the recommendation is to wait. You asked a question about why a trainer would be needed, and we answered your question to the best of our ability (or at least to the best of mine). I’m sorry you thought they were negative. I don’t think that was our intention.

I also have never been hospitalized. No DKA, and no seizures. I’m also not terribly sensitive to insulin. Meals are 1:10, correction is 1:35. But when I was put on the pump in high school, we were trained out to use an insulin pump because it’s technology and being trained on how to use something new is always smart. There are things you may not pick up from reading a manuel and sometimes it’s good to have someone show you what to do or have someone there in case you happen to have a question. That’s all I was trying to say.

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