Weekends suck

17 11 2007

Well, at least as far as diabetes control is concerned. I have had a crappy weekend, blood sugar wise. I just cannot get it under control on the weekends. I eat a lot more random food at random times, stay up later, and possibly have a couple drinks. There’s not a lot of roller coaster moments, just high. All the time. Even if I calculate everything correctly, it seems like it still isn’t enough.

Such as, I had a muffin. I made them myself, so I could calculate the exact number of carbs. Great. So, I bolus and check 2 hrs later. 165 with 1.15 units on board. Perfect! Absolutely perfect! I even did a little celebration dance. Then, 2 hours after that, 228. What!?!? That makes NO sense. Dinner wasn’t particular high-fat or high-fiber (hamburgers), so I don’t know what happened.

It makes me soooo frustrated. Why can’t I figure things out? And even if I do, it only lasts for a little while, then I have to try again. I’ve had Lucy for 4 months now, and things still aren’t stable. Everything just seems to change all the time. My basals are completely different, my insulin-carb ratios are different, my correction factor is different. And I’m sure a month from now, everything will be different still. Why can’t I just “set it and forget it”? Wouldn’t that be much simpler? *sigh* I can only hope…




3 responses

17 11 2007

I could be wrong, but I’m almost positive that my CDE once said that most basal rates/bolus ratios only are good for about 2 weeks before they need to be modified again. It’s never a stable equation. And also there are a lot of other things that affect blood sugar besides food and insulin – activity, stress, hormones and what-not, that all plays into it so it can be really frustrating. I don’t think anyone knows exactly all the things that changes blood sugars. Hope tomorrow is better!

18 11 2007

I take WAY more basal and bolus insulins on the weekends, but Saturdays are still usually crazy. Whereas the rest of the week I try to stay in the 70-150 range, and actually manage that on about three days per week (well okay, really I manage 50-150), on the weekends I just try not to top 250. Blech.

18 11 2007

sucks. it’s true. weekends are hard. i have no words of wisdom, just agree. and muffins sound delish!

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