Just the right place

21 11 2007

…to be completely annoying.

Yesterday was site-change day (hurray for infusion site-free showers!). I was running out of good places on my hips, so I switched back to my stomach. I typically go above the belly button to avoid waistband issues, but I’m more muscle-y there, and I was getting tired of it being sore all the time. So, I decided to try a below the belly button site, where I am squishier.

Sadly, I picked exactly the wrong spot. It’s too high to go below my waistband, and it’s too low to go above my waistband. It’s in exactly the wrong spot. I am, of course, too cheap to throw it out, so I guess I get to be annoyed for the next few days about my unfortunate choice in infusion sites.

Also, GiR was too busy and was not able to get his guest post done last night.  Or today, for that matter.  ><  And finally, we are going on vacation, so I may or may not be able to post over the next two days.  We shall see.  Happy Turkey Day!




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