Household names

25 11 2007

I love the OC.  You are like my extended group of friends.  I probably talk about you to GiR more than I talk about my in-person friends.  It’s getting to the point where you guys are household names.  For example:

We were snuggling in bed and my tubing got caught up in something.  Then GiR said, “This is probably why Kerri disconnects.”  I just had to laugh a little.   He knows exactly who Kerri is and he even know the right post to quote.

Other household names, aside from Kerri, include Bernard, Allison, and sometimes Amy and Wil.  I don’t even feel the need to preface their name with “this other diabetes blogger, so-and-so.”  To us, they are just more friends in our lives.




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26 11 2007

okay, i’ve been trying my darndest for the last 2 days to figure out… what is GiR?

26 11 2007
AmyT of

Hey Amalas,
That warmed my heart. I also feel in many ways “closer” to you guys in the OC than many people in my real life (who don’t have a clue about our D-life).
Thanks for this!

– AmyT

PS – also not sure about GiR… ?

26 11 2007

I don’t blame you for being confused about GiR. GiR is what I call my husband on this blog (and in real life sometimes too). I first mentioned it in this post, but haven’t brought it up again. Sorry!

26 11 2007

Yeah, I totally know what you mean. I usually just say “my friend ________” I don’t usually qualify it with “diabetes blogger” or whatever unless someone asks.

Oh, and as far as being a household name, excellent… my plan is coming to fruition… muahahaha.

26 11 2007

Awwww … I’m proud to be a friend of yours!

And Chris knows bloggers as “real people,” too. He’s met a number of bloggers who we consider parts of our friend file. 🙂

(P.S. And, for the record, that’s exactly why I disconnect in bed!)

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