Thank you, Abbott

27 11 2007

My meter‘s been acting a little funny lately. For over a week, it will occasionally not recognize that there’s blood on the strip. It’ll suck the blood up just fine, but nothing will happen. I’d have to throw the strip out and use a new one. Or two. Then yesterday I got a bunch of Err1 codes and an Err3 tossed in for fun. Getting sick of wasting test strips, I called Abbott up to see if they could help out.

After only a couple computer prompts, I spoke to a real live person who spoke English. His name was Arthur. He listened very patiently to my problems and asked me a few questions. We ran through a few different scenarios to rule out other possibilities (yes, it happens with multiple tubes of strips; yes, the code is correct; yes, I apply the blood correctly, etc) and finally deduced that it was most likely the meter. He said they would ship a new one out to me and it would get here in about 3 days. Talk about awesome!

I really do love it when companies get it right. Abbott seems to really care about its customers and they make sure that their meters are doing their job. Thanks, Abbott!




One response

27 11 2007

I love abbott. I just got a free meter in the mail from them today.

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