Hate the diabetes, love the diabetic: A guest post by GiR

28 11 2007

I know the diabetes blogosphere likes calling us the ‘Type 3 diabetics’ – those who have loved ones with diabetes, making it a part of our everyday lives. When my lovely wife is having good blood sugar, my day is better – and when she’s not, my day usually isn’t that good either.

Last Sunday, Amalas (who was very stressed at the time) was telling me that I didn’t know what it was like to be diabetic – always watching blood sugar numbers, never knowing exactly what your blood sugar is going to be, never being in control of things as much as she would like. I told her that I do know – I live with her all the time. I’m always watching out for her, never knowing what her mood would be, and watching her have mediocre numbers even when I carefully counted out carbs and weighed her food.

When dealing with a stressed diabetic, hugs are not a cure…




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20 01 2008

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