Merry Christmas to me

20 12 2007



Blood sugar fantasy land

14 12 2007

Somehow, I managed to have an absolutely fantastic evening last night. At least as far as blood sugar was concerned.

  • before dinner: 120
  • after dinner: 74 (yes, a touch low, but I was doing a combo bolus and I probably mis-judged the percentage, so I let it go)
  • before snack: 93
  • after snack: 123
  • breakfast: 99

Holy freakin’ cow. I’m not sure how I pulled that off, but I wish I could have more days like that.


5 12 2007

GiR and I still out on weekly dates, and this week we went to Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  It’s a little fancy, but it’s a fun place.  They have paper tablecloths and crayons so you can draw pictures and play hangman.  =)  Most importantly, they have complete nutritional information for everything on their menu.  No direct link – click on “Menu, Locations, & To Go” then scroll down to the bottom for “Nutritional Information” and “Allergen Information”.

My favorite thing to get is the Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Salad.  Very tasty.  60g carbs total, but I figure it has croutons and the chicken is breaded fairly heavily.  I decide to bolus ahead of time because that’s supposed to result in better post-prandials.  Well, the food comes and the chicken does not seem as breaded as I remember it.  I chalked it up to my bad memory and I ate it anyway.  I did have an extra bite or two of the bread (about 22 grams for 1/4 of a loaf) but it probably wasn’t going to be enough.

Well, it wasn’t.  About 1 hr 15 minutes later, back safely at home, I tell GiR “honey, I don’t feel very good.”  A quick test revealed a number in the 50s.  Ugh.  Okay, get a slice of bread and a couple Starburst.  20 minutes later still in the 50s.  Double crap.  More bread more Starburst.  20 min after that I’m finally up to 98.  I top out around 160 later, so not too much harm done.

I just have to wonder what happened.  Did they change the recipe without changing the nutrition info?  Did they run out of the breaded chicken and substitute with non-breaded chicken?  Can you really call it parmesan-crusted chicken if there’s no breading?  Did our casual mention of diabetes to our waitress lead her to suggest a substitute to the chef?  (my guess is no on that part)

*sigh*  Even with seemingly fantastic carb information, things can still go haywire.