Merry Christmas to me

20 12 2007





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20 12 2007


20 12 2007

wow! that’s awesome! how did you do it?

20 12 2007

Lucy helped a lot. Lots of basal tweaking, testing 10 times a day, better carb counting skills, not being afraid of bolusing when I know I need it (I’d be afraid of taking more than 6 units at a time cause that was just “sooo much”), not being afraid of lows (used to think anything below 100 was scary, now 70s and 80s are okay for me), and so many other things.

20 12 2007

That’s wonderful – what a nice gift!

7 01 2008
Bernard Farrell

I just noticed this today. Many congratulations. I’m very envious.

This is just amazing.

17 01 2008
What can I do better? « Plastic Pancreas

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