Well I blew it

30 01 2008

All my efforts have been for naught.

I got sick last night.

I’ve done correction boluses out the wazoo, my temp rate of 150% doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, and I’ve gone through an entire box of kleenex (and it’s not even 3:30 yet).  I’ve been hanging out in the 200s every since post-breakfast, but the good news is that I have no or trace ketones.  I keep sucking down water and DayQuil, and hoping for the best.

Wish me luck!


I guess I’m doing okay

29 01 2008

I finally picked up Think Like a Pancreas from the library last week and read it straight through in one sitting.  Sadly, I didn’t really learn anything.  I did get some tips about subtracting fiber and a nice reminder to just DYDBT (Do Your Damn Basal Tests).  But, overall it was just basic things I already knew.

Yesterday, I decided to put in some of my blood sugar numbers into SugarStats, just to get some graphs and stats about how I’m doing.  I’ve got about 10 days of information in there, and here some of what I found:

  • Average: 114
  • Lowest:  39
  • Highest:  230
  • Percent in range (70-180):   83%
  • Percent low (less than 70):  7%
  • Percent high (more than 180):  8%

According to Think Like a Pancreas, more than 70% in range is considered tight control.  Even if I lower my range to 70-160, I still end up with 78% in range.  Pretty darn good, if I say so myself.  Heh, if I want to be EXTREME, I can change the range to 60-120 (which is recommended for Type 1s who want to be/are pregnant), I’m still in range 58% of the time, which is moderate control.  I’ve still got a ways to go for that, but nice to know I’m heading in the right direction.

I also finally did an overnight basal test last night.  I was kinda lame and only did one middle-of-the-night test, but I think it turned out okay.

  • Bedtime:  90
  • 2:30 am:  80
  • Morning:  99

I’m not super pleased with that dip and subsequent rise, but the overall range is less than 30 points, so the basal right is probably just fine.  I loathe to think of the torture I have to go through to do the rest of my rates, but one step at at time…

Quick pick-me-up

28 01 2008

Want to feel a little better about dealing with diabetes?  Try changing your lancet.  =)

We all know it’s been forever since we’ve changed out lancets, so it’s bound to be quite dull by this point.  A quick lancet change will have you thinking “Oh yeah!  This is what it’s like to have a mostly pain-free blood test.”

Or, you can even splurge and get yourself some super-thin BD Ultra-Fine 33 gauge lancets.  They’re the best.  Seriously.

We need a positive attitude

25 01 2008

You know, I’m getting tired of seeing articles/posts/comments/videos about how so-and-so had diabetes and they were sick all the time and had to miss out on life, or how some-other-person had diabetes and they DIED, etc.  So what?

I want to hear about all the GREAT things that people have been able to do, even with diabetes.  I want to hear about how diabetes didn’t hold people back from doing what they want.

A friend from GiR’s church has Type 1 and a pump and she went to AFRICA for a month.  Isn’t that awesome!?!?!   Wingman is running a half-marathon.  Way to go!!!!  Bernard does this thing with yurts.  How cool is that?

Anyway, I want to hear about all the awesome things that PWDs have done with their life.  Bring on the rockin’ stories!

Oh. Wow.

21 01 2008

I was browsing through my Google Docs, and I came across something that made my chin drop.

I found year-old diabetes logs.  I tracked my food, insulin, and blood sugar with a complicated spreadsheet with built-in formulas.  I think a lot of this was prep for an endo meeting and/or to get me ready for the pump.

Amalas’s diabetes tracker May – July 2007 

I was supremely surprised to see averages in the 160s and up.  Even averages of 200.  AVERAGES!  Not a maximum!  It’s quite amazing to see that, compared with my current complaining of an average of 129.  Complaining?!?!?  Bah!  I’m doing awesome!

It’s great to see that Lucy really has done wonders for me, and to see how far I’ve come.

dLife’s “flourless chocolate cake” review

21 01 2008

I got a little pamphlet in the mail from dLife that contained a flourless chocolate cake recipe.  I love to bake, so I was definitely intrigued.  I happened to have all of the ingredients on hand, so I whipped it up for me and some friends to try.

The recipe is very easy to make and put together.  It baked nicely, smelled good, and looked great.  The taste, however, was definitely lacking.  Even though it seemed moist upon first bite, further bites felt “stuck” in your mouth.  It did not taste very chocolaty, and the nuts were a serious detractor (although I admit I am not positive I ground them finely enough).

However, a dollop of whipped cream made this cake much more palatable.  The smooth texture of the whipped cream, combined with the chocolate cake made for a better experience.  And, for the low, low price of only 10 carbs (12 w/ whipped cream) per slice, I’ll take it!

Shopping woes

21 01 2008

I hate shopping for clothes.  It’s so depressing.  Either nothing looks good or it doesn’t fit.   Well, because I like inflicting pain on myself, I decided I needed a new pair of jeans.  I went to Target and picked out about 4 pairs of jeans in various sizes and trotted off to the fitting room.

Sweatpants off, ready for pair #1.  I tug the (sadly) too-tight pants up and then I feel a riiiip on my hip.  Shit.  My infusion site just got ripped out.  Shit.  With the ill-fitting pants around my knees, I struggle to get out an IV prep wipe and a new site.  The old site bled a little, so I needed to fish a kleenex out of my purse too.  After frantic waving at my hip to get the wipe to dry, I install a new site and I am good to go.

None of the other pants fit even remotely, so I left Target empty-handed.  Ugh.  Stuff like this really puts me off shopping.  Not only can I not find pants that fit, I have to deal with stupid diabetes stuff too.  As if it wasn’t hard enough already.