Organized or OCD?

8 01 2008

For some reason, I decided it was time to organize my diabetes supplies.  The boxes were hard to get to, stuff was falling around, and I desperately needed to separate my inserters from my tubing (since I change them at different times).  As such, I put stuff in piles and bought plastic containers accordingly.  GiR thought me to be slightly crazy, but I believe the end result is quite desirable (click for bigger image).

supply shelf

I put all my older stuff into a large plastic container and put it up on a top shelf so it wasn’t getting in the way.  I separated my inserters from my tubing so each one has its own container.  I threw out stuff I didn’t need and consolidated stuff I had.  Now my supply shelf is much more organized and it’s a breeze to find and use stuff.  GiR may think it to be OCD, but I like it that way.  =D




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8 01 2008


9 01 2008

Nice. My “stash” looks like a cyclone hit it. I have to get better organized. Thanks for the good example, Amalas.

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