Whee! Update!

16 01 2008

I fought through a couple occasions of highs that Would Not Come Down. We’re talking 160% temp rates, extra insulin at boluses, and still hanging out around 230. For days. I think it was partly due to some pre-period insulin resistance, and partly due to the fact that GiR was sick (and so was everyone else, it seemed) and my body was just working overtime to fight that off. Luckily, that seems to have quieted down and I have returned to normal.

I had a moment of “ugh, diabetes” earlier this week. I just got sick of having Lucy attached all the time. I mean, I love her dearly, but it’s so frustrating to never be able to step away for a minute. Thanks to an accidental tug on my infusion site, I treated myself to an infusion-site-free shower. It was a welcome separation from the constant reminder of diabetes.

I started my next semester of baking class and it will be interesting to figure out how much blood sugar will fare. I fought a string of lows during class, probably due to the fact that I’m standing the whole time and working my butt off to get stuff baked. I’m moving constantly, resulting in burning off a lot of energy. Of course, that is offset by the fact that there is soooo much good food to taste at the end. I generally don’t eat anything at class and just take it home for me to bolus for later. However, I have noticed that this textbook includes nutritional information for Every Single Formula. I am doomed to eat more food that I really want. Great…. Maybe the increased exercise makes up for it? Right?

Which brings me to part number 3. Losing weight. *sigh* I’m sure anyone who sees me thinks I’m so thin or whatever, but I know that 5 or 10 pounds can make a huge difference. My BMI is not where I want it to be, so I’m taking small steps to change that.

  1. Eat fewer snacks. I had been raiding the vending machine at least once a day for snacks, mostly just because I was bored. I have skipped the vending machine in favor of either no snacks, or cashews brought from home. I have found that I don’t really need the snacks and I’m saving money too.
  2. Do crunches every day. Most of my problem lies in my stomach. As such, crunches are my way to get started working on that. I also have a problem with my thighs, but that’s mostly genetic, so I’m giving up on on that area for now.
  3. Keep daily carb count under 160g.  This is merely my current goal.  I plan on lowering that to 150, then 140, etc. until I get a daily carb count around 120.  I think this is a good number for me and hopefully it will lead me (and GiR) to preparing more lower carb meals.

Anyway, there’s my diabetes dump for the fortnight.  Enjoy!




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