Shopping woes

21 01 2008

I hate shopping for clothes.  It’s so depressing.  Either nothing looks good or it doesn’t fit.   Well, because I like inflicting pain on myself, I decided I needed a new pair of jeans.  I went to Target and picked out about 4 pairs of jeans in various sizes and trotted off to the fitting room.

Sweatpants off, ready for pair #1.  I tug the (sadly) too-tight pants up and then I feel a riiiip on my hip.  Shit.  My infusion site just got ripped out.  Shit.  With the ill-fitting pants around my knees, I struggle to get out an IV prep wipe and a new site.  The old site bled a little, so I needed to fish a kleenex out of my purse too.  After frantic waving at my hip to get the wipe to dry, I install a new site and I am good to go.

None of the other pants fit even remotely, so I left Target empty-handed.  Ugh.  Stuff like this really puts me off shopping.  Not only can I not find pants that fit, I have to deal with stupid diabetes stuff too.  As if it wasn’t hard enough already.




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26 01 2008

Although I can identify with the writer and feel for her “pain”, I liked the article because of the humor. I say “her” pain because it just sounds like a woman.

26 01 2008

I hate shopping for jeans too! I have never found a pair that fits right at target, their sizes run small! I have had good luck at JCPenny (they have levis, A.N.A., & Lee brands) and now that I know my size/style I can sometimes order online avoiding a trip to the store- good luck your perfect jean is out there!

26 01 2008
paul anderson

Iam a very frustrated diabetic of 45 years isn!t about time that our medical field find a cure for diabetes its only been 200 years + lets do something instead of a BANDAID.

27 01 2008
Ed Hepner

Once Pres. Bush leaves office, I hope with all my heart that full federal funding of embryonic adult stem research will begin. Shame on you Mr. President.
A Republican in California

27 01 2008
Judie White

Isn’t it interesting that in a country that is so advanced, that we are so far behind other countries in our medical care? I have heard that in Europe they are doing pancreas transplants as well as islet cell transplants as cures for diabetes, but yet it’s not approved here. Remember the old saying, “follow the money?” How much more money is made by keeping us as diabetics with all of the complications involved medically / financially? There is a lot more to be made than if we were actually cured when you stop to think about it. What if they were to cure children at the outset of diagnosis of Type !? What complications to their symptoms to bodies could be totally avoided if they were allowed a transplant right away before they had damage to their other organs? How ould their lives be improved? I think it’s time we started demanding prpoer patient care at the outset, insead of trying to correct the downslide of catchup and trying to correct the damage AFTER it’s too late!

28 01 2008
Susan Whitworth

I agree with judie white because there should be some sort of a breakthrough in this country that would bring us up to par with the European countries. What do they know that we do not? I think they care more about the people in their country than this country cares about us.

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