We need a positive attitude

25 01 2008

You know, I’m getting tired of seeing articles/posts/comments/videos about how so-and-so had diabetes and they were sick all the time and had to miss out on life, or how some-other-person had diabetes and they DIED, etc.  So what?

I want to hear about all the GREAT things that people have been able to do, even with diabetes.  I want to hear about how diabetes didn’t hold people back from doing what they want.

A friend from GiR’s church has Type 1 and a pump and she went to AFRICA for a month.  Isn’t that awesome!?!?!   Wingman is running a half-marathon.  Way to go!!!!  Bernard does this thing with yurts.  How cool is that?

Anyway, I want to hear about all the awesome things that PWDs have done with their life.  Bring on the rockin’ stories!




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25 01 2008

I have gone skydiving with my pump (that’s me in some of the tudiabetes flash ads!)

I have also traveled around Israel for 10 days with my pump with absolutely NO ISSUES (other than reducing my basal from all the walking!).

We rock! 🙂

25 01 2008

Last year I went to a women’s ski camp in Utah. I went by myself and didn’t know a soul there. I was totally outclassed skiing wise (I’m from TX…need I say more), but got to ski with an olympian and gain new perspective on risk-taking from a couple of gals who do extreme mountaineering expeditions. Take that diabetes!

25 01 2008

I’ve gone to Ireland, the U.K., Canada and New York City by myself several times, not knowing a soul, and had a blast. No diabetes issues arose during any of those trips. I also flew in a Cessna many times while my husband was working on his pilot’s license. He practiced stalls, spins, steep turns and lots of tricky takeoffs/landings with me along. I did many a test & shot at 3,500 feet (!). Someday I plan to pilot one myself 🙂

25 01 2008

At 53 years of age with diabetes I walked my first a half marathon in three hours 26 minutes & 20 seconds. Two years ago, with the help of the hospital and HCE group I started a diabetes support group in my community and we just keep growing. I won a diabetes essay contest in 2004 and got to meet Patti LaBelle , fly to Philadelphia (had never been there) and go to New York and appear on the Tony Danza Show, give testimony at the Chicago ADA expo. I have been able to enjoy my granddaughter and family for the last 4 years feeling healthy. I have to much to do to let diabetes control my life. Yeaaaaaaaa meeeeeee!!!!

26 01 2008

I haven’t been diabetic very long (t1 4+ years) and haven’t done anything incredible in that time, but I just want to say thanks for posting this very cool topic. I’ll be back to check out more comments as they come in! Some inspirational folks here!

29 01 2008

Well, I’ve had diabetes since childhood and I’ve lived in Germany for a year, traveled around Europe and the UK. I just returned from a year and a half spent teaching ESL and living in Taipei, Taiwan and also lived in rural (VERY rural) India for 3 months with no running water (on pump). I have ran a half marathon through lava pits for the ADA in Kona, Hawaii and have done many, many things and don’t let diabetes get me down.

29 01 2008

I’ve traveled to see the Indianapolis 500 in person twice. I’ve also been to 3 different National Poetry Slams (2 in Austin, 1 in Albequerque), and I competed on the team from Delaware 2 out of those 3 times!

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