I guess I’m doing okay

29 01 2008

I finally picked up Think Like a Pancreas from the library last week and read it straight through in one sitting.  Sadly, I didn’t really learn anything.  I did get some tips about subtracting fiber and a nice reminder to just DYDBT (Do Your Damn Basal Tests).  But, overall it was just basic things I already knew.

Yesterday, I decided to put in some of my blood sugar numbers into SugarStats, just to get some graphs and stats about how I’m doing.  I’ve got about 10 days of information in there, and here some of what I found:

  • Average: 114
  • Lowest:  39
  • Highest:  230
  • Percent in range (70-180):   83%
  • Percent low (less than 70):  7%
  • Percent high (more than 180):  8%

According to Think Like a Pancreas, more than 70% in range is considered tight control.  Even if I lower my range to 70-160, I still end up with 78% in range.  Pretty darn good, if I say so myself.  Heh, if I want to be EXTREME, I can change the range to 60-120 (which is recommended for Type 1s who want to be/are pregnant), I’m still in range 58% of the time, which is moderate control.  I’ve still got a ways to go for that, but nice to know I’m heading in the right direction.

I also finally did an overnight basal test last night.  I was kinda lame and only did one middle-of-the-night test, but I think it turned out okay.

  • Bedtime:  90
  • 2:30 am:  80
  • Morning:  99

I’m not super pleased with that dip and subsequent rise, but the overall range is less than 30 points, so the basal right is probably just fine.  I loathe to think of the torture I have to go through to do the rest of my rates, but one step at at time…




2 responses

29 01 2008

I would hardly call that a dip! Especially when you factor in variables in meter readings, you hardly moved at all! Good job with all your averages, that’s excellent! Is this tight control in anticipation of something (hint hint)…?

29 01 2008

Yeah, that rise and dip is practically within the 20% margin of error on your meter (unfortuantely, the error is that big)! Congrats on things being so good!

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